invisible ink glasses -customplayingcardss

invisible ink glasses are the best way to read the invisible ink marks on cheating cards. Even after hours, these contact lenses will not charge your eyes or cause any eye damage. Simply put on the contact lenses using normal eye contacts. While other card players may see your normal eyes color, your opponent’s vision will show the invisible ink marks on marked cards. You can win the game if you use the right invisible ink contact lens in poker or casino.

Our invisible ink contact lens for cheating cards uses silicone hydrogel and the hydrated polymer as the material. This will not only protect your eyes, but it also won’t cause any eye damage. Standard contact lenses include both soft and hard lenses. Invisible ink lenses are classified as soft lenses due to their ease of use when reading marked cheating card decks. Our invisible ink cards lenses adhere to the rules regarding contact lenses. The most common range for contact lenses is 13.5mm-14.5mm. The actual application will be affected if the diameter exceeds the range. The central thickness is another factor that can affect the comfort and useability of contact lenses. The center thickness of invisible ink contact lenses can have a greater impact on the sharpness of cheating cards reading. Invisible ink cards lenses of 0.06mm thickness are a good choice for cheating card decks.

Contact lenses of any type are easy to damage. To avoid any damage, it is important to care for the lenses properly during storage and use. There are many popular contact lens care products, like Bausch & Lomb. However, I regret to inform you that they are not suitable for invisible contact lenses. This is the main difference between regular and cheating lens lenses. Invisible ink lenses should be kept in pure water, not a care solution. Packaging is important. The unique transparent bottle design and the moisturizing pad will prolong the life of your poker card lenses. This is why invisible ink glasses have a loyal customer base.